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Many people want to know – where can I buy oxytocin?

Unfortunately, it is neither possible or recommended to buy oxytocin in pure form over the counter or online. Bear in mind also that most sites offering oxytocin spray online are actually selling products designed for animals.

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I have bought and used this oxytocin spray many times and now see it is as essential as cleaning my teeth before going out. The difference in the way that people have responded to me since I have started using it has been extraordinary. As someone who has always been quite shy and reticent when meeting new people, I have also found the oxytocin to improve my own confidence and trust in other people. I feel far more sociable and outgoing and find making conversation, even with strangers, to be much easier and natural.

Oxytocin Spray Appears to Help Men to Lose Weight

Oxytocin spray may assist in weight loss, at least for men, through causing a reduction in appetite and the consumption of fewer calories. That was the finding of Harvard Medical School researchers who consider that the hormone spray may become a treatment for obesity. The findings come shortly after other researchers found further evidence that oxytocin might be something of a cure for autism.

The so-called “love hormone” released during sex and cuddling may also aid weight loss, according to a small but encouraging study.

Men who used a synthetic oxytocin nasal spray consumed fewer calories when served a supersized breakfast, researchers said.

“Our results are really exciting,” Dr. Elizabeth Lawson, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, said in a release. “Further study is needed, but I think oxytocin is a promising treatment for obesity and its metabolic complications.”

Oxytocin Could Provide Treatment for Sufferers of Anorexia Nervosa

A team of British and Korean scientists have claimed that their findings indicate that oxytocin could provide a treatment for suferers of Anorexia Nervosa.  This is just the latest in a list of ailments that the ‘love hormone’ has been discovered to have a potential role in treating.

The study, published today, found that oxytocin alters anorexic patients’ tendencies to fixate on images of high calorie foods, and larger body shape. The findings follow an earlier study by the same group showing that oxytocin changed patients’ responses to angry and disgusted faces.

Anorexia nervosa affects approximately 1 in 150 teenage girls in the UK and is one of leading causes of mental health related deaths, both through physical complications and suicide. As well as problems with food, eating and body shape, patients with anorexia often have social difficulties, including anxiety and hypersensitivity to negative emotions.

Oxytocin ‘Improves Brain Function In Autistic Children’

Another new study has found that oxytocin can improve the social functioning of autistic patients.


Researchers from the Yale Child Study Center discovered an increase in brain function in regions that process social information (such as hearing, eyesight, speech and observation) after autism spectrum disorder (ASD) patients inhaled an oxytocin-induced nasal spray.

The study involved giving a group of children aged seven to 18 with ASD a single dose of oxytocin spray.

This was followed by a functional magnetic resonance brain imaging scan (fMRI), which detected the areas of the brain that were directly affected by the oxytocin.

The results revealed an almost immediate activation of brain regions that are known to control and manage communication and social dysfunctions involved in autism.


Meanwhile, the Australian government has awarded a large research grant to a unversity planning to trial oxytocin spray as a treatment for autism.

Interview with Oxytocin Author Paul Zak

Expert on oxytocin, Paul Zak, has released a book devoted to what he terms ‘The Moral Molecule’.  This week, he gave an interview to New Scientist magazine, in which he explains what is important about oxytocin, the role that it plays in morality and positive social interaction such as bonding and trust, and also answers charges that oxytocin has a ‘dark side’.

You can read the interview here

How is oxytocin involved in human trust?
In our research, we were able to show that when we’re trusting other people, our brains release oxytocin. Moreover, when we manipulate oxytocin pharmacologically we can induce people to trust others really readily, without affecting their cognition or memory.

How do you get from trust to morality?
I thought: “Gee, trust is kind of a social glue that keeps society together. The other kind of social glue is good behaviours that people engage in, even when no one’s watching, such as giving to charity. If oxytocin makes people trusting, would it make them generous? Would it make them kind? Would it make them caring?” And so we began knocking out all the virtuous behaviours we could think of in the laboratory and in the field and just seeing if oxytocin was associated with them. And by and large we found that the vast majority of virtuous behaviours and moral behaviours were linked to oxytocin blood levels.

Treating Depression with Oxytocin

University of San Diego researchers are conducting a clinical trial to find out whether oxytocin could help to treat people suffering from depression.  The ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin has long been linked to positive social and even sexual feelings.  For example, two friends hugging each other will raise the levels of oxytocin in both.

Studies have already found that some people are more able to produce natural levels of oxytocin than others.  The new study will explore the possibility that clinical depression may be related to the inability to produce normal levels of oxytocin.

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Oxytocin Makes You Feel More Extroverted

Oxytocin makes shy people feel more extroverted, according to new research conducted at Concordia University.

The results of the research, published in Academic journal Psychopharmacology, demonstrated for the first time what many in the scientific community, as well as popular media, had long suspected – the ‘cuddle hormone’ eases social anxiety.

It is hoped that the study, if confirmed by numerous others that are currently taking place, will soon lead to oxytocin spray being prescribed as a medication to help people with shyness and or other problems involved in socialising, including even the autistic.

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Oxytocin Factor

A new oxytocin based supplement appeared on the market earlier this year – Oxytocin Factor – and according to its Idaho makers, 60,000 units of the product have been sold in just 6 months. These astonishing sales figures are a testament to the growing interest in oxytocin amongst the public, and also an increased awareness of the potential power of the ‘cuddle hormone’ to improve and enhance varied aspects of health and wellness, from dating to mood and even sexual performance.

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Oxytocin Possible Cure for Autism

The clearest evidence yet that oxytocin will provide an effective treatment for autism has been announced, after a study which found that those with high functioning autism became more sociable and trusting after taking an oxytocin nasal spray.

A nasal spray containing the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin can ease some of the symptoms of autism, research shows.
People with autism who used the spray became more sociable and trusting.
Sufferers often find it hard to communicate and form relationships. Oxytocin, which promotes feelings of trust and confidence, is released naturally in the body and is linked to sexual attraction and childbirth.

This exciting news doesn’t come as any surprise to myself, a long time sufferer of both high functioning autism and social anxiety who has used oxytocin in the form of a spray to successfully alleviate my own symptoms for a number of years.

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